Thursday, June 9, 2016

You Can Now Use Innovative Snapbag and Snapgrid Light Modifiers with Kino Flo

For Kino Flo users who want to save time mounting modifiers to their light fixtures, DoPchoice has made an exciting announcement.

Yesterday, the Munich-based company stated that they have made their innovative light modifiers- the Snapbag softbox and the Cinec award-winning Snapgrid- available for several popular Kino Flo light fixtures.

For the uninitiated, the Snapbag and Snapgrid are lightweight, self-tightening "light-refining tools" that utilize a rigid, "snap-up" frame for easy setup, as well as elastic straps to mount to light fixtures. These features not only make setup easier and more efficient-especially because there's no need for a spread ring-but DoPchoice's patented Snap Technology means no belly sagging, as well.

To see these things in action, here's Stefan Karle of DoPchoice to demonstrate both the Snapbag and Snapgrid:

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