Monday, November 9, 2015

CHiP is the latest robot dog looking to leash your heart

I’ve seen robot dogs come and go over the years. They all had their charms. Some, like the Sony AIBO, were almost preternaturally smart. Others like iCybie, were slow, plodding and yet still somehow lovable Sadly, none of them haveRead more...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finally, an Online Gear Rental Service That Delivers Outside of LA & NY! Meet KitSplit

Unless you live in a filmmaking hub, obtaining gear can be such a huge obstacle to overcome. But KitSplit, the Airbnb of gear rentals, offers some exciting services that can help you out.

We've seen online gear rental companies before, like ShareGrid and CameraLends, that offer filmmakers essentially the same services -- equipment owners rent their gear out to filmmakers on a pretty online rental platform -- but the others have one major omission: delivery. Think about it, these companies focus their efforts in places like L.A. and New York, which are already saturated with camera gear that filmmakers can rent, so filmmakers who live anywhere else (who really need their services) end up missing out.

KitSplit not only has an impressive inventory of popular, as well as hard to find, camera gear, but they offer delivery. This means a filmmaker living in Big Arm, Montana or Boring, Oregon can get their hands on a Canon C300 or even a $20K Arriflex 435 35mm film camera by simply joining the community (for free) and renting it out.

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